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What is Mondo Bytes?

August 4, 2017

For those following me on social media probably noticed that recently I made a few change to all of my social usernames.  The biggest reason is I had no consistency, on some social platforms, my username was "Wicked4u2c" or "Mobileg33k" and in others I had my full name "ArmandoFerreira".  Although I wish I could of secured all of them with my name @ArmandoFerreira it was a bit impossible even after trying for over a year.


Why Mondo Bytes?

There's a few reasons, the first being that I was able to secure @mondobytes on all social media platforms that I currently use. But most importantly, I wanted something that was easy to remember and also wasn't niche specific.  I love tech, film, photography, cars, food and traveling, so having a name that could tie in all of those categories together was very important to me. Also, byte is a unit of digital information and everything I share with my audience is in a digital format, to me this seemed like a perfect piece to my new brand.  However, my name was still missing from the equation,  Mondo short for Armando, is easier to remember and still resembles me and my personal brand.  





The Future!

When I first started I mainly focused on mobile tech. Android vs iOS, Phone Reviews, Consumer Electronics, etc.  Because of the many interests I have It has now transformed into something more than just tech.   I want to share my passion with everyone on things that I love to do and not have to worry about sticking to a specific subject or category.  Nothing will change in regards to what I've been doing, the only difference is I will push out content on the things that interest me at that current moment.


This website will also be an extension to my current social posts and I'll use this to share my thoughts and opinions.  Most of the stuff you'll see here will be exclusive to the site, whether i'm sharing a bunch of pictures from a trip I took or a new phone I'm currently reviewing.  You won't find the stuff I post here anywhere else so make sure to visit often.  


Finally, I will be adding merchandise in the future, I want to do it right and don't want to rush it so this is an area that will take time to build.  I will also have a store section where you can find crazy deals on items I no longer use and want to sell.  So this is it!  I appreciate those that have been with me since the beginning and have followed me through this awesome journey and continue to support what I do and love.


Thank You!


Armando Ferreira

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